Meet Your Coach

Hi! My Name is Kristi and I hope to be your new coach!  A Coach is someone who teaches a specific skill. Coaching refers to a method of training, counseling or instructing an individual or a group how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem. Should you embark on the coaching journey with me, I will help you develop skills and strategies for overcoming the “performance problems” of everyday life, such as difficulties with planning, organizing, time management and staying on track, which are also known as executive functions. As your coach, I will provide a safe, nonjudgmental place for you to focus on what matters to you. Think of me as your Accountability Partner! 

A Bit About Me and My Vision

My vision for ADDaptable Solutions is to help adults, with or without ADD/ADHD, make everyday tasks less daunting and more manageable by increasing awareness and developing a personal toolbox. A toolbox is a way to organize the strategies you have found successful for managing your difficulties. It is a reminder of what works, and sometimes, what does not. Together we will create a toolbox that maximizes your ability to get back on track, and minimize the time it takes to do it! 

The Formal Stuff